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Calvary Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Scholarship 

The Calvary Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Scholarship is made possible by gifts from members. It is available annually to recognize and affirm, through financial support, people within the congregation who are pursuing a higher education. 


  1. The applicant must be a confirmed, current member of Calvary Lutheran Church, and have been a member for at least three years. 

  2. The applicant must participate in worship at Calvary Lutheran Church. 

  3. The applicant must enroll in an accredited technical college, community college, college or university. 

  4. The scholarship is granted for one year only. A renewal application may be completed 

for a succeeding year depending on funds available. 

How to Apply 

  1. Fill out the scholarship application. If a question doesn’t apply, enter N/A. 

  2. Write and submit a typed personal essay (no more than two pages, double-spaced) that 

Addresses the following four questions: 

  1. What are your specific educational plans and career goals? What inspires you to achieve them? 

  2. Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your life. How did you respond and what did you learn about yourself? 

  3. What have you done for your family, church, or community that you care about the most and why? 

  4. How do you see your faith playing a role in your life during your college experience and beyond? 

  5. Complete an academic resume which will include your GPA, relevant course work, 

extracurricular activities, personal interests, community service, work history and three 

references with their contact information. 

  1. Submit a copy of your m

  2. ost recent transcript. 

  3. Submit two letters of recommendation. 

  4. If you are awarded an Endowment Fund Scholarship, the money will be sent to the 

school’s financial aid office in increments throughout the academic year. 

  1. The amount of the scholarship will be based on the number of eligible applicants, but 

the minimum award available will be $1,000. 

  1. Questions about the scholarship, and the application may be directed to the chairman 

of the CLC Endowment Committee. 

9. Bring your completed scholarship application packet to the Calvary Lutheran Church Office.

Deadline: March 1 

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